Of detainees, ClimateGate, and Y2K

We can hardly blame the mainstream media for no longer hosting public debate about whether climate change is actually happening: nobody wants to appear as though they’re supporting foolish conspiracy theories. Dissenters have been relegated to the journalistic ignominy of the internet, which is why the Internet is so juicy.

Isn’t it ironic that the people wearing the end-of-the-world sandwich boards used to be considered the wild-eyed fringe? Now, they’re the reasonable ones and the crazies are the ones saying, “hold on, it’s not that dire. Everything’s going to be okay.”

You are what you eat, Missy

I must speak with my 11-year-old daughter Sophie regarding her methods for packing school lunches. (My husband and I thought mornings were moving along much more smoothly this fall since our two eldest children started packing their own lunches on previous evenings.)

To purge or prevaricate, that is the question

After much virtual switcheroo , we have decided on a new floor plan, and it hinges on two things: 1) an extreme closet purge and new closet organizers with drawers, eliminating the need for a large dresser in the room, and 2) a new, wider office desk with built in heavy-duty shelving above, eliminating the need for the large bookshelf in the room and the glass desk we currently are using.

To dream the impossible dream

Okay, I’m almost finished Step One. Wanna hear “The Dream”?

I want a bedroom flexible enough to serve three functions: it needs to be bright and friendly, conducive for creative work and homework during the day, relaxing and restful for sleep at night, and an alternate television spot for the kids when they jockey for entertainment space in the house.

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