To purge or prevaricate, that is the question

After much virtual  switcheroo , we have decided on a new floor plan, and it hinges on two things: 1) an extreme closet purge and new closet organizers with drawers, eliminating the need for a large dresser in the room, and 2) a new, wider office desk with built in heavy-duty shelving  above, eliminating the need for the large bookshelf in the room and the glass desk we currently are using.

Are these items destined for yard sale? How about listing them on Kijiji? I don’t know. I hate yard sales, going to them or planning them. Yet, I’m conscious of the fact that instead of actually getting rid of clutter, my temptation may be to just move it to some other part of the house. (For example, the big fork and spoon may find its way to the basement, settling in beside my husband’s childhood chocolate cigarette box, his wooden “friendly duck” award, and bantam hockey trophies. If he only had a room of his own, and didn’t have to leave his treasures languishing among the antifreeze and the spare nuts and bolts.)

Hmm. Well, I’m procrastinating on that for another couple of weeks until we actually clean out the closets.

Now on to Step 2: The Plan.

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