Moncton writers present Reveille

The Professional Writers Association of Canada presents an open-mic event to share songs, poems from youth April 21, 2010

The Professional Writers Association of Canada’s Moncton Chapter invites everyone to its 2nd annual Reveille, an event where members of the audience and special guests, including local celebrities and Frye Festival authors, share “works” from their youth (e.g. angst-filled poetry, embarrassing diary entries, sappy songs) in an open mic format. The more cringe-worthy, the better! The event will be held Wednesday, at the Moncton Press Club on Wednesday, April 21 at 7 p.m. Come prepared to groan, laugh and cheer. Reveille’s goal is to reawaken that inner child who wanted to be a writer. Anyone can participate and admission is free.

P.S. I’m planning on reading from a torrid novel I wrote as a young teen. (I was a Harlequin Romance lover back then.) See you all there!

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