The most terrifying version of musical chairs

Listen, folks, I am no wallflower. I breezed through the dissection of a fetal pig in my high school biology 122 class; I clean fish without batting an eye; I’ve watch cows being butchered, carried the heart and liver in for auntie to fry up. Poop, pee, farts and boogers…can’t scare me.

But Battle Royale (Toushun Katami, 1999, Haika Soru) made me wanna throw up.

What does “rip-off” mean, exactly?

Are there any new ideas?

I ordered Battle Royale today online, the 1999 young adult novel by Japanese author Koushun Takami, just to figure it all out for myself. You know, the big controversy? That The Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins “ripped off” the story hook, line and sinker from Takami’s cult classic?

Who needs a hospital, anyway?

It was a difficult pregnancy. Not only was I continually nauseous, but I had back pain. I was sleepless, every night tossing and turning in an effort to find a comfortable position. The baby was pressing on my sciatic nerve, making sitting down or standing up an excruciating process. But I muddled through.

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