We are Moncton, and we are not afraid

A man doesn’t plant a tree for himself. He plants it for posterity—Alexander Smith. Earlier today, Glad Tidings church in Moncton, New Brunswick, dedicated a green space on its property to the memory of three fallen RCMP officers killed in the line of duty June 4, 2014. They were killed by a lone gunman in the city’s north end, where the church is situated.

It pays to unplug…for a while, at least

Come on, admit it. Are you addicted to technology? Do your hands start shaking if you’re torn away from your handheld device for more than a few hours?
For an introvert like me, social media has fit my personality like a glove. I’m verbal and bold online in ways I would never be in person—and I get to practice my quips and one-liners.

Tuesday thanks:

a) for the prolonged warm fall weather, b) for the pleasant (if breathy) chats with friends during a Monday evening run, and c) for youthful running leaders who run slowly on purpose and pretend they are not plodding along for my sake. God bless their skinny hearts.

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