Cleaning out the treasure closet

I had no idea he was doing it. After completing my kitchen chores this evening, I came upstairs to find my husband unloading the contents of his closet. “If you’re going to blog about it,” he said, “at least say I was awesome enough to start by myself.”

As the piles of clothing, books, sports paraphernalia, ties, belts, and wall art grow in the middle of the room, we are both simultaneously amazed and embarrassed at the gigantic mountain of junk that was stuffed in that tiny space.

“Everything that has a sports team logo is off limits,” he said. “Also off limits are all the office decorations that I’m keeping for the day when I have an office again. You know, giving away my books is going to be hard, because I really like my books… And don’t make me sound like a turd.”

I know all of you are anxious to hear the fate of the famous  Fork and Spoon. I’m sure they’re in the pile somewhere.

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  • Kim Eagles on November 18, 2009

    Kent- really ask yourself the question of whether you are honering any of your keep sakes by having them shoved in a closet for years. the other question about the books is whether you will ever `really`use them again for anything or as a tech guy do you go to the internet to get any information you need, is the stuff in the books outdated or can it found anywhere else. asking lots of questions is the first step to deciding the fate of your `stuff` and answering them honestly is the hardest part. another excercise to try: Take a look at your mortgage payments and calculate how much you pay per square foot of space, is the stuff living in that space worth what it is costing you. these are all questions to get you thinking about your stuff and what it is worth to you, there is not right and wrong answer just honest answers. congratualtions on being brave enough to start this process, you are so much farther ahead than loads of people who never take action. Way to go!

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