Hurts so good

I read once in a beginning runner’s handbook that one shouldn’t try to increase distance and speed at the same time, but I appear to have broken that rule.

Last night, I ran 9 kilometres with the running group and we did it in about 1 hour 12 minutes or so. The last kilometre wasn’t enjoyable, but I managed to finish, feeling a bit stronger than the week before when we ran eight.

It turns out that we have an extra week before the end of this running program…perhaps I counted wrong. I was never very good at math. Or, perhaps someone just wants to torture me. Either way, it’s nearly over.

Physical ailments:

  1. Upper left thigh is aching a bit. What seems like a murmur might turn into a grouchy squawk during the final 10 kilometre run. Must stretch more carefully and mind my speed. It’s a romantic thought to imagine I could keep up with people who are ten years younger and in better shape, but let’s face it: I left the superhero gig behind about 30 years ago, along with my beach towel cape and clothespin.
  2. The corns and calluses on the balls of my feet are really becoming a drag to scrape. If anybody out there has a cure, let me know.
  3. My custom orthotic is three or four years old and is getting pretty spongy. If I don’t replace it soon, the plantar fasciitis in my right foot is bound to return. That’s not fun. The last time, I was off my feet for four months.

This week’s requirements:

A 3 kilometre-run, six 400-metre hills (5 kilometres), and another 5 kilometre run.

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