I wasted time, and now doth time waste me

What an ironic quote of the day from The Bard. I only ran three days last week because I was juggling two book launches for my first young adult novel, Rachel’s Manifesto.  And I’m available for more dates–a great excuse not to run!

This past Monday, October 17, marks week four of the running club, which means I’m half-way through the program.

I couldn’t make it to Monday’s meeting because of a scheduling conflict, but I did run 6.29 kilometres (10-minute intervals) Monday morning.

I did manage to shave two minutes off my time running 5 kilometres, but it doesn’t seem too impressive—I still feel like an old jalopy, coughing, spitting, hacking and bringing up the rear.

Now, for the fun part: today I have to run 7 kilometres (long, slow distance) plus two more 4 kilometre interval runs for the remainder of the week.

I’m really dreading the upcoming 400 metre hill days…so are my knees!

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