The days are long, but the years are short

Nine pillow fights

Nine incomprehensible Knock-Knock jokes

Nine bike rides through the mud

Nine growth spurts that make trousers and best-loved t-shirts too short

Nine hugs for teachers

Nine snorts of laughter regarding bodily functions

Nine constant utterances of the word “why?”

Nine perceptive and salient questions

Nine cries of injustice at the hands of older siblings

Nine reassurances

Nine bickering arguments

Nine forced reconciliations

Nine relative truces

Nine flickering moments of sincere affection

Nine acts of compassion

Nine hotdogs

Nine pancakes and bacon

Nine nacho cheese Doritos

Nine hamburgers with ketchup and mayonnaise and cheese on the side

Nine complaints about vegetables, particularly broccoli

Nine snowball fights

Nine swims at the pool

Nine sandcastles on the beach

Nine fun years.

Happy ninth birthday, C.

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