What’s a Guinea pig to do?

In honor of author Julie Powell and the movie “Julie and Julia,” I’m thinking of embarking on an experiment for the purposes of daily blogging. What should it be?

Should it be a 40-day television fast? Should I be the only one fasting, or should I inflict the fast on my entire family?

What about a six-month crazy naturopathic diet that’s supposed to cure thyroid problems or cancer? I’ve always wondered about claims regarding the immune system…that it’s  able to cure anything, if only we would eat right, for Pete’s sake. You know, the never-under-any-circumstances-eat-pork-or-dairy diet, or the eat-melons-for-three-days-straight to clean out your kidneys diet, or the drink-spinach-shakes-at-least-twice-a-day-and-never-under-any-circumstances-eat caffeine-fat-or-sugar diet.

Well, I don’t know if I could last through that one…but that’s the whole point of an experiment, right?

Ideas are cheerfully accepted. (Don’t expect me to eat mealworms or something looney, though. Ideas for lazy and relatively timid people only, please.)

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