Move over, Jim Carrey

Kids say funny things sometimes, but my youngest child, Caleb, is really a crack-up. Sometimes he reminds me of Calvin, in the old “Calvin and Hobbes” comic strip.

Caleb has been having trouble adjusting to grade one this fall. “It’s not like kindergarten,” he complained. “We don’t play as much this year. We have to sit at tables all the time and do math and read.”

In fact, he’s been getting a few ‘time outs,’ because he’s talking and making the other kids laugh, instead of listening to instructions. Disappointed, I asked, “Caleb, why aren’t you listening? You know you have to listen!”

“But Mom,” he replied, while using his head and shoulders to ‘bust a move’, “I’m a clown! It’s my ‘thang’….it’s what I do!”

Yeah. Great, kid. But you still have to listen.

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