Merry Christmas, from our closet to yours

For those of you who’ve been following my foray into the world of bedroom organization, I thought you may appreciate this short video produced by “Lava Lamp Productions,” (a video production company consisting  of my husband, a hand-held Panasonic video camera, our kids, editing software, and an amazing sense of humour).  My angst-filled blog posts regarding closet purging (specifically,  ‘The Big Fork and Spoon‘) have gained me nothing but my children making fun of me…but at least it’s funny.

…And you’ll be interested (pleased, aghast?) to know The Fork and Spoon have finally found their place on the dining room wall. As Mark Knopfler says, “Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.”

By the way, since lamenting the cost of wood laminate closet systems in my last blog a few weeks ago , we measured and drew pictures and measured some more, finally settling on a much cheaper  wire component system. More on that in the New Year, as well as our floor plan. In the meantime, enjoy a wonderful holiday season and my best to you for 2010.

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