Harvest laps

Today is Thanksgiving Monday, so running club was cancelled tonight. But I did my scheduled 5K run anyway, 10 minute run/one minute walk.

I missed two runs last week because of a chronic illness that rears its ugly head without warning from time to time.  I can’t do much on those days, so tonight, after three days of limited movement I figured my body would complain. And it did.

This evening capped off an incredibly warm and sunny Thanksgiving weekend, as evidenced by homeowners puttering on their lawns in the twilight while chatting with their neighbours, kids playing street hockey in their t-shirts, the languorous Canada Geese around the lake who seemed to have missed the memo about flying south, and a jeep parked outside a residence, caked from top to bottom in dried mud. (Somebody went off-roading today.)

Could it be that this walk/run thing actually works? I finished two minutes faster than usual tonight.

This week’s requirements: run 5 km, 10 minute running 1 min walk, 3 times this week.

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