Dream a little dream with me

As promised,  my experiment in bedroom organization (and by extension, spousal dynamics) begins today. I’m calling it “Project Bliss and Ecstasy.”

It’s possible that the process will be anything but blissful, but I’m hoping the end result will be.

My chosen organizational guru, “The Organizing Connection,”  (OC) offers a  six-step program to help procrastinating saps like me reach my  clutter-free bedroom goals. My plan is to take a week or two for each step.

During step one, called “The Dream,” I’m supposed to envision my dream space. In order to do that, I printed out worksheets (available in the DVD/CD ROM package) designed to help move the process along by asking pesky questions like, “What does your dream space look like? How do you want to feel when you walk in the room, or when you wake up in the morning? How does your dream compare to how you feel now?”

Well, I can tell you what my dream space is…a hotel-like bedroom with nothing in it but a bed, looking like it was designed by Candace Olsen of HGTV’s Divine Design. This goes along perfectly with OC’s first piece of advice: “No matter what size your bedroom is, if you want to have a good night’s sleep, only use the bedroom for sleeping, changing clothes and getting cozy.”

I totally concur. If I had a family room and a home office, I would kick the homeworking-and-internet-surfing-teenagers and the six-year-old Hannah-Montana-watcher out of my bedroom.  Unfortunately, my modest two-storey home has neither of those extra rooms. The kitchen, dining room and living room (and three other bedrooms) are also stuffed to capacity.

I know what you’re thinking… one room at a time.

Nevertheless, I’m afraid until we can afford that backyard addition (or the bigger house down the street) my bedroom has to do triple duty.

Surely I can make some improvements, anyway?

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