Forget the small talk

I love a good argument, and therefore I think it’s time I tried my hand at book reviews.  Tonight, I’m going to read my latest purchase, “Nothing created Everything,” by Ray Comfort and later, I’ll tell you what I think.

Since the cover art focuses on an illustration of a man who is half Charles Darwin, half Richard Dawkins,  and the quote, ‘”Ray Comfort is an ignorant fool” –Richard Dawkins,’ is quoted on the bottom of the book jacket, I think it’s only fair that I read Dawkins’ latest title, “The Greatest Show on Earth” as well.

Most of us avoid arguers. These are the kind of people who are useless at surface level social conversations and therefore are only invited to parties where everybody thinks the same way.  Since I’m not terribly good at small talk and have ruined a few parties myself, I understand both the desire to keep peace and the passion to speak one’s mind about unalterable truths.

What I love about books is the greater opportunity one has to digest the author’s opinion before one responds in some stupid manner.  It’s far more civilized to read than to yell across the table.

Salut! Here’s to good arguments.

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